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Enhancing the value chain of MEMS through strong collaboration with performant networks is one of MEMSCAP credos. This is why MEMSCAP works with a diverse group of partners in various industries and research communities. Designed to enable collaboration on actions ranging from specifically targeted projects to long term R&D, the partnerships developed by MEMSCAP are an integral part of its strategy. Our partners work closely with the Group Corporate R&D structure as well as the relevant products business units.

As a precursor of MEMS, our Group has spent a lot of time and efforts evangelising the industry and promoting the use of MEMS. Today, MEMSCAP is the number one solution for industrials who wish to bring a new product to the market or replace an existing solution by the more performing and cheaper MEMS technology. The partnerships we have developed with key industrials in a variety of markets goes far beyond a manufacturer-provider partnership as we are dedicated to making our partners successful. Starting with the MEMSCAP MUMPs prototyping service all the way to production, the success stories of our customers are one of our key strengths.

Industrial partners & Customers:

MEMSCAP sells its products and services throughout the world to Fortune 500 companies, new high-technology industries, major research institutes and most prestigious universities. Among others, MEMSCAP customers include: Siemens, GE Medical, Philips Medical Systems, L3 Communications, Penny & Giles Aerospace, Meggitt Avionics, Aerosonic, Avidyne, Sedat, JDS Uniphase, Glimmerglass Networks, BMC, CardioMEMS, Diehl, Liebherr, Harco, Given Imaging, etc.

Academic partners:


The Group is part of projects within the European Union, and, since the launching of the HASTAC project, collaborates with Norwegian institution SINTEF.


CMP is a broker in ICs and MEMS for prototyping and low volume production. Circuits are fabricated for Universities, Research Laboratories and Industrial Compagnies. Advanced industrial technologies are available in CMOS, BiCMOS, SiGe BiCMOS, P-HEMT E/D GaAs, etc. CMP distributes and supports several CAD software tools for both Industrial Companies and Universities. Since 1981 more than 4200 circuits for Research, Education and Industry have been fabricated. 410 academies centre and 140 industrial companies from 60 countries have been served. CMP is also acting as a broker for MUMPS.


MEMSCAP has collaborated with ESIEE Paris (Ecole Supérieure d'Ingénieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique) for many years. It is also a founding member of the “Club ESIEE-Partners”.

Institutional partners:

MEMSCAP collaborates with many national and international institutions. It is a member of Minalogic, the major “pole of competitivité” for nano and microtechnologies.

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