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All manufacturing of MEMSCAP® Custom Products is done at the company facility located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, which is the longest-running commercial MEMS foundry in the industry. MEMSCAP® currently has a capacity of approximately 25,000 six-inch wafers per year, under the supervision of the most experienced MEMS team in the world.

Each customer project, from drawing-board idea to further-developed and manufacture-ready device, is managed collaboratively by Engineering, Operations, and Sales to ensure each of the customer’s objectives is represented internally very early in the project planning.

MEMSCAP® manufacturing approach is based on the utilization of standard processes and modules to innovate and adapt rather than re-invent. We use our standard processes and modules to form the foundation of a custom process, then make small modifications to the process steps to enable a custom solution. This approach simplifies development and reduces cost and time-to-market for the customer and fosters continuous growth of the standard process toolbox for MEMSCAP®.

In order to shorten the time to market, MEMSCAP® offers several in-house manufacturing approaches depending on the project’s maturation:

  • A world renowned prototyping service known as MUMPs® (Multi User MEMS Processes) to verify at an early stage the feasibility of ideas or projects;
  • A strong Development support to understand and overcome any holes in the process through short loops, experiments, and modeling as needed prior to starting a custom run;
  • A customized approach to finalize the development of the product and prepare it for the manufacturing process through low-volume prototyping and staggered lots under a Milestone approach to reduce risk;
  • Volume manufacturing.
Further bolstering its status as a volume-ready, mature MEMS manufacturer, MEMSCAP® follows a rigorous ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System. Certified with this status since 1999, MEMSCAP®’s manufacturing processes and facilities are carefully monitored, controlled and documented to ensure customer specifications are met.

Prototyping Manufacturing

MEMSCAP® MUMPs® service is the longest-running, most renowned prototyping service in the world and has demonstrated many examples of highly successful products past and present, through thousands of design submissions and chip fabrications.

Small and Medium Volume Manufacturing

MEMSCAP® offers its customers the possibility to test their concepts starting with small and medium volumes. This enables the fine-tuning of the technical specifications prior to the advancement to volume production, and the actual manufacturing plan with the same stringent requirements as for volume manufacturing with regards to  testing and products certifications (such as FDA).

Large Volume Manufacturing

Leveraging its Product Development Life Cycle system, its manufacturing and support teams, its clean-room, Test and Analysis laboratories, its unique expertise and experience in MEMS, and its suite of standard process modules, MEMSCAP® has been able to successfully develop manufacturing processes internally for its own products as well as transfer customers’ processes into production processes.

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