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We've been manufacturing MEMS in our Research Triangle Park, NC facility for nearly 20 years. Since 1992, the RTP Business Unit has developed a strong cadre of standard processes which MEMSCAP® uses extensively to support both its Custom Solutions business and industry-standard MUMPs® prototyping program. All three main MEMS processes are supported: Bulk Micromachining, Surface Micromachining, and Thick Metal.

Bulk micromachining

In this process, the substrate itself is etched to suspend the mechanical structure. Etching can be done using chemical solutions or wet etching, or through reactive ions known as dry etching (deep RIE). This process is used for developing thermal insulation, piezo-resistance measurement (i.e. pressure sensors) or horizontal thermal, magnetic or electrostatic activation. SOIMUMPs utilize this processing technique.

Silicon on Insulator (SOI)
The majority of our internal Products such as VOA utilize Silicon-On-Insulator substrates to create very planar, durable structures like shutters and mirrors using either thermal or electrostatic actuation technologies so we have a great deal of experience with this type of starting material. In our SOIMUMPs process, we have proven the ability to process two unique thicknesses of device layer in the same lot with no degradation in the finished product. Many of our customers request final chips from both device layer thicknesses of their one design.

We support the microscopy and biomedical markets with our ability to uniformly etch membranes and channels in Silicon of various thicknesses, many times on top of thin films deposited in our fab.

Surface micromachining

In this type of process, deposited layers are stacked on top of the wafer, some which remain and some which are removed to allow the layer above it to move. These so-called sacrificial layers are etched allowing a suspended layer to be developed, known as the mechanical structure. MEMSCAP® has mastered this process and it is used in a host of components requiring capacitor measurement or vertical electrostatic activation. PolyMUMPs utilizes this processing technique.

Thin Film Depositions: Polysilicon, Nitride, Oxide, PSG
MEMSCAP®’s very first process technologies were LPCVD Polysilicon and thin films,like Nitrides and Oxides. Through the PolyMUMPs program and subsequent, more advanced processes, MEMSCAP® has manufactured tens of thousands of wafers through these multi-layer processes. Our films include low stress Nitride, near-zero stress Nitride, low stress Polysilicon, low temperature Oxide, and PSG. To complement the suite of thin films, MEMSCAP® offers Thermal Processing through Oxidation and Anneals.

Thick metal processing

Based on microrelay technology developed and established a decade ago, MEMSCAP® utilizes standard processes for thick metal plating in our products and services. Micro-electroforming is used to generate metal structures, using UV photoresist to produce plating templates at low temperature. This processing technology is employed for both the Magnetic Switch and MetalMUMPs programs.

Standard processes for electroplated metals include Copper(Cu), Gold(Au), Nickel(Ni), and Platinum(Pt).

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