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A standard hindrance to MEMS manufacturing lies in the common industry phrase: "It's easy to make anything once". MEMSCAP® bucks that trend by demonstrating real-world examples of customers going from Development to Volume Production using MEMSCAP®'s Product Development Life Cycle system.

MEMSCAP®'s design and manufacturing processes for MEMS products offer high volume production potential and are designed to guarantee high yield and reliability. Thanks to its MEMS processing and design technology expertise, the MEMSCAP® team of engineers can tailor several stages in the manufacturing process as well as design features in order to obtain maximum yield.

In addition to the examples on our Products web pages, MEMSCAP® was able to take the one of the highest number of MEMS released commercial products on the market: from high count optical switches, variable optical attenuators, deformable mirrors for telescopes, implantable biomedical devices, magnetic switches, flow sensors, microphones, to a huge variety of pressure sensors. All of these programs utilized standard processes very early in the Product Development Life Cycle.

From a facilities perspective, MEMSCAP® runs one of the most famous fabs in the industry. To better support volume production, the cleanroom toolset is running 150mm wafers. MEMSCAP® also operates a Test and Analytical Lab separate from the cleanroom facility.

A PDF document detailing MEMSCAP®'s main manufacturing capabilities can be downloaded here.

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