MEMS technology is so versatile that it can be integrated and deployed in the widest variety of applications. However, the complexity of use, development and manufacturing that characterizes MEMS technology demands, in order to successfully go from idea to production, a strong products expertise and experience, together with a thorough knowledge of the processes and the specific manufacturing tools. MEMSCAP® offers today all industries, universities and fields, the possibility to transform those ideas into real products.

MEMSCAP® provides custom products for the whole spectrum of MEMS applications, from biomedical to telecommunications, through optical and consumer markets and over a wide range of MEMS devices.

The company offers its clients custom products (wafers, MEMS dies and wafer level packaged devices) and manufacturing services from its North Carolina platform.
MEMSCAP® is today the only company with the expertise and resources necessary to deal with all MEMS manufacturing processes, from silicon and SOI (silicon on insulator) bulk micromachining, to surface micromachining, through thick- metal processes (such as thick copper), and IC compatible MEMS processes.

Leveraging on its expertise, its years of experience in design and volume manufacturing, capitalising on its highly performant teams, and using its vast patent portfolio, MEMSCAP® offers a wide range of services, solutions and products enabling creativity and optimal integration of MEMS technology into the systems and products of our clients.

Our Customer references are numerous and prestigious, even if most of them cannot be disclosed for confidentiality reasons. You may still read about some of them in our press releases in Press Archives, as well as the page Press Articles.

For specifications of our available products, or to find out how these specifications can support your needs, please contact us using the web form.

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